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Ben Killoy
Certified Dad &
Life Coach

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A Little Bit About Myself

I grew up on a farm in Southern Wisconsin, isolated from the world I grew up in a place not having a lot of friends. My Grandma lived at the end of our driveway where she became my first best friend.
She was always there when I got off the bus every day, and every day during the summer.

I joined the United States Marine Corps right after high school, served four years, was stationed in Okinawa Japan. I transitioned out in 2007 which would start my next hardest battle in life, trying to find my place.

I married my wife in 2010, became a Dad in 2012 and we now have three kids. Through my journey to become a better dad and find purpose, I found a passion for coaching others and fell in love with the process ever since.

My Mission & Approach

In order to know where we need to go, we first need to know where we are. Once we know where you are and how you got there, we begin to move through your life to understand what legacy is and where you want to be at the end.

To call your shot.

We all know what goes up must come down but we forget that gravity pulls. Working together we will create a vision of a future with gravity to pull you towards it. That remaining who you are every day is the craziest thought you have ever had.

I’v Been Leading men through their darkness for the last six years

Areas Of Specialty

designing a legacy

What we do on this earth is important, but what we leave behind is ten times more important.

Personal Growth

Learning to reframe our life stories from happening to us, to happening for us. Our past is not meant to hold us back, it's meant to help lead us forward.


We can not love the world until we first learn to love ourselves. Developing self-confidence starts with learning to love the good, the bad, and the ugly of our life.

Navigating Changes

All roads in life are hard, but you get to pick the hard ones you want and where you want them to go. How you handle problems will determine how far you go.

life balance

We can not give from an empty cup and we must first learn to meet our own needs and understand our priorities in life reflect what is most important.

Relationship Coaching

The relationship you have with yourself will determine the one you have with others. Learning to grow up, calm down, and getting connected will strengthen the relationships most important to you.

Professional Background


I have spent the last 20 years of my life learning exactly what not to do in life and learning from the ground up what is joy and where it comes from.  My experience and insights are drawn from my life and the communities of men I have grown with on this journey.  

I have been in the trench you feel you are in and I know the way out.  

  • Lost my corporate job in 2020 where I had to rebuild my life from the ground up. Learning to ask who you are when you have your work stripped away is a powerful exercise. 

  • Dropped out of College in 2014 only to be left with the dark question of what comes next and where do I go. 

  • Looked my daughter in the eyes when she was two asking, how can I lead you into your life, if I can’t lead myself through mine. 

  • Learning through service as a United States Marine how to identify what others can’t see and reflect it back to them.  Helping other Marines see who I see vs who they see helped me understand the power of coaching. 

I share these not as experience of certifications, but to show you I have been where you are, I know what you are thinking, I see you, and I know who you are capable of becoming because I learned how to do it with my life. 


As a coach, I have chosen to develop a strong bias towards emotions and how to lead through them.  

Life Experience

My Own Journey To Self Discovery

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Unlock Your True North

Your life might look good on paper, but do you hear that inner whisper asking for “more”? Dive deeper, transform, and redefine your path. Remember, if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time. And a dream without action? Just a wish. Let’s craft a plan together in a Breakthrough Session and find your True North.