What was the relationship with your Parents like?

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I help dads create a lasting feeling of change, and help them grow through generational trauma by redefining the definition of living.

There is more to life than being alive!

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I Am Ben Killoy,
An Experienced Life and Dad Coach located in Midwest

My journey started like many others, from a place I can’t do this alone.  I remember looking into my daughter’s eyes when she was two years old saying to myself, how can I lead you in to your life if I can’t lead myself through mine.  It was a dark time in my life, but it was that darkness that lead me to find more effective ways to be a Dad.  

I learned that being a Dad was never designed to be done alone, it is one of the biggest lies as men we tell ourselves and I fell for it hook line, and sinker.

"Most Dads have been told how to make a living, but rarely taught how to live"

Ben Killoy

What kind of Dads Are Getting Results

high Performing dads

Those who are building a career and have been looking for the feeling of validation through work.

military veterans

For Dads who have been trained to thrive in war, but struggle to thrive in the home.

Everyday Dads

Who have struggle with the thought I don't want to be my father, but I don't know how to break the cycle.

My Program

It's Time To Come Home

Most men spend all of their life looking for a home in all of the wrong places.  

We desperately seek the feeling we didn’t have growing up in all the wrong places, salary, career, status, and things. 

You can’t find, build, or buy what you first don’t have yourself.  

Home is an inside job that comes from the inside out.  

Why Work With Me

I know where to look

Generational trauma has many shapes and it can be often hard to see our way through an area that for the most part, we keep in the darkness.

Scream-free Parenting coach

Parenting has less to do with kids and more to do with us. Learning to recognize the inner child screaming for growth is the key to calming down as a Dad.


I have been helping dads break through their trauma, reframe stories, and help dads break the cycle, and create a legacy of change for six years.

The Truth

Who Do You See In The Mirror?

The truth of the matter is that when you look in the mirror you often don’t see a man looking back.  You see a little boy stuck.  A boy who didn’t have the chance to feel what love was growing up.  

You see a boy that is waiting to be led into this world by a Dad.  


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