Journey to Your True North

Do you ever feel trapped in a life that seems good on paper, but inside, there's a voice that whispers: "There's more"? You're not alone. Dive in to unearth your deeper desires and set out on a journey to your True North.

Beyond The Middle: The Silent Echo

I remember standing where you are. On the surface, every box was checked. Family, job, home. But beneath, there was this longing for… more.

Not just more things, but more meaning, more passion, more to life. That’s when a simple “hello” changed my trajectory. It unveiled the power of real connections, a tribe of men on the same quest. If this resonates, you’re one of us. Ready to redefine life? Let’s navigate together.

Rise Above Average

Many of us are sandwiched in life’s ‘okay’. Not sinking, yet not soaring. But, what if you were meant for the skies? If there’s a fire inside you, even if it’s just a spark, I’m here to fan those flames.

Standing in front of a corn dryer

When My Life Shifted

Life, for me, was on repeat. Until I hit 'reset'. Through reflection, setbacks, and victories, I forged a new direction. Now, I guide others like you on their distinctive journey.

Embracing Life's Challenges

Life throws punches. Sometimes we dodge, sometimes we take the hit. But every challenge, every rough patch, molds our character. Let’s turn these tests into your testimony.

Client Success Stories

As I Look Back On The Growth I’ve Experienced In 9 Months I Am Forever Grateful For Where I Am Today. My Marriage Is The Best It’s Ever Been, My Wife Wants To Date Me Again And She Looks At Me With Admiration That Was Once Lost. She Appreciates The Man I Am Rather Than Loathing The Boy I Was. "
Jordan McCrindle
"Ben Has Helped Me Grasp The Bigger Picture And Has Helped Guide Me Through One Of The Most Difficult Times In My Life In The Beginning He Said Sometimes In Life We Need A GPS, And Ben Has Been Exactly That For Me He’s Honest With A Heart Of Gold His Grandma Raised Him Right, And It Shows In The Way He Sees And Understands Me As A Man And As A Human."
Jamie Player

Dive Deep to Emerge Stronger

Beyond the surface of routines and expectations lies our true essence. Together, let’s explore those depths, face the truths, and emerge stronger, clearer, and more determined.

Why Me?

Quick Steps to Big Changes

Life can feel like a big puzzle. But I know the shortcuts. I’ve learned how to find the best paths and skip the dead ends. With me, you’ll save time and avoid mistakes. Because experts know how to get things done faster and better. Let’s speed up your journey and make every step count.

Unleash Your Potential

You have so much hidden potential inside you. Just like I went from simple beginnings to helping lots of people find their best selves, I believe we can find and grow your strengths too. Let’s work together to see the amazing you.”

You're Made for More

Greatness is hidden within you. Let's uncover it together. I once saw myself as just a simple farm boy from Wisconsin. Now, I'm that same farm boy, but I'm making a difference in the lives of men just like you.

Personal Blog

My blog is where I share stories and insights. 

I truly believe that gaining a new perspective can change our lives. Join me as I explore fresh viewpoints and we learn together!

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Unlock Your True North

Your life might look good on paper, but do you hear that inner whisper asking for “more”? Dive deeper, transform, and redefine your path. Remember, if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time. And a dream without action? Just a wish. Let’s craft a plan together in a Breakthrough Session and find your True North.