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Guns may get all the attention, but words will do more damage.

Guns may get all the attention, but words will do more damage.

Let me tell you a story on why this journey to become more effective as a Dad matters.  There will come a day in your journey where the enemy is unknown, it will happen in places you thought to be safe. 

The enemy will come from school buses

It will come from kids you have never met

It will come from moments you don’t even know happen

But it will leave a wake in your kids lives that will leave scares deep into their soul.

I am talking about the power of words, kids are armed with the ability to tear another child down using nothing more than words.  It’s an invisible war being fought every day our kids go out into the world. 

The journey to becoming more effective will empower you with the emotional intelligence to bring solutions not problems.

The journey will lead you to be the adult in the room without losing your temper.

The journey will lead to your kids knowing they can bring you anything and you will be the safe harbor when the waters become too rough at any age. 

Every day you have an invitation to become better, you have a choice.  Make the choice today to be better.  You are training for an invisible war that is wreaking havoc on our kids and has been well before they were asked to wear masks. 

You have an obligation to teach your kids the power of words and how they will either tear a person down or how build them up. 

You must ask yourself the hard question are they learning that ability from you. 

Do your words build them up, or tear them down?

Today I had to step in for a situation at school and as I did I realized I had been preparing for these moments for six years.

To be a calm person

To think on my feet

To communicate persuasively

To give critical feedback but design it so that it lands correctly

Did I do all these things perfect today, no.

But I can say 100% I did it better than I would have it hadn’t walked this road to be better, to do better, and live better.

Stop waiting

Stop putting it off

Stop saying you can do better tomorrow

I didn’t ask for it to happen today, but I am glad I was ready when it did.

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